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National Repository Library, Päivärannantie 10, 70420 KUOPIO. Tel. +358 294 117 600, +358 294 117 680 (ILL)

Included in the NRL’s collections

  1.  Books
    – The NRL accepts one copy of each book (monograph) – the term ‘copy’ referring to publications with no dissimilarities. If two books (monographs) differ from each other with regard to their publisher, illustrator, translator, ISBN number, or in any other way, they are regarded as different copies.
  2. Serials
    – with regard to serials, the NRL accepts only items issued in uninterrupted succession (e.g. 1-10 or 105-116).
  3. Periodicals
    – The NRL accepts only full annual volumes of periodicals (with the exception of volumes lacking but a few numbers). Also, single issues of serials and periodicals are accepted if reported missing in the Vaari-database.

Not included in the NRL’s collections

  1. Almanacs
  2. AV and electronic materials
  3. Material published before 1800 (can be found at the The National Library of Finland)
  4. Maps
  5. Monthly updates of indexing and abstracting publications
  6. Degree programmes, course requirements and curricula
  7. Manuscripts
  8. Catalogues
  9. Theses
  10. Patents
  11. Brochures, reprints, advertisements, leaflets, announcements, manuals, speeches, propaganda posters, booklets, etc.
  12. Newspapers
  13. Standards
  14. Items containing statistics (EXCEPTION: statistical yearbook series)
  15. Reports on activities, annual reports
  16. Instruction manuals of devices
  17. Travel quides


The Vaari-Finna operates first and foremost as a tracking database for ILL services, so its own primary cataloguing standards are low; bibliographic records do not contain classification, keywording or serial numbers. Most records copied from elsewhere, however, are at the level required in local or national bibliographies.