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National Repository Library, Päivärannantie 10, 70420 KUOPIO. Tel. +358 294 117 600, +358 294 117 680 (ILL)

You can obtain a library card and borrowing rights by sending an e-mail to our ILL department (ill.varastok[at]nrl.fi). We only accept libraries as our customers, not private individuals.

All our services are free of charge.

That’s not possible. What we have, we try to keep.

The interlending service is fast and efficient, max. 24 hours.

No. The loan is on your local library card, so only the librarian can renew it online. 

Everything that is found in our Vaari-database

Yes. However, some periodicals are found only in bound annual volumes in which case we send you the whole volume.

Our cataloguing is minimal, with no classification. You might try to search according to the title – enter the whole title or the first word(s) of it.


The Vaari-Finna operates first and foremost as a tracking database for ILL services, so its own primary cataloguing standards are low; bibliographic records do not contain classification, keywording or serial numbers. Most records copied from elsewhere, however, are at the level required in local or national bibliographies.