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National Repository Library, Päivärannantie 10, 70421 KUOPIO. Tel. +358 294 117 600, +358 294 117 680 (ILL)

The NRL’s activities are directed by a Board whose members are appointed by the Ministry of Education for three years at a time.

The Board was established in order to develop interaction between the NRL and other libraries in Finland. This is important, since the library has no framework organisation of its own.

Board (March 1st 2019 – Feb 28th 2022)

Chairman: Ari Muhonen (University of Eastern Finland)
Vice chairman: Minna Abrahamsson-Sipponen (Oulu University Library)

Other members:
Jussi Kärki (SAMK)
Päivi Savinainen (Kuopio Public Library)
Liisa Savolainen (The National Library of Finland)
Minna von Zansen (Celia, Helsinki)