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National Repository Library, Päivärannantie 10, 70420 KUOPIO. Tel. +358 294 117 600, +358 294 117 680 (ILL)

Delivering scanned articles from the National Repository Library

From the 1st of September the National Repository Library (NRL) will email scanned articles to Libraries and other Information service units. The Library or Information service unit delivers the scanned document to its client according to its own policy.

We kindly ask Libraries and Information service units to inform staff and clients about the updated delivery method.

During the autumn 2021 The National Repository Library will launch a project, in which one of the aims is to facilitate the interlibrary loan process for the NRL’s material. This means, for example, creating a legal method for forwarding the scanned article directly to a client.  

The customers of the NRL are all Finnish libraries and information service units. In addition to this, the NRL also serves numerous foreign libraries.

More info: Johanna Vesterinen, library director (johanna.vesterinen[at]nrl.fi)